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Trenching, Shoring & Excavation

Trenching, Shoring, & Excavation Awareness

Course Description

This course is designed to provide the following:

Identify the laws, regulations, and standards as they apply to excavations Describe soil classification and the testing used to determine type. Describe protective systems used in excavations. Discuss the hazards found in trenches. Describe the role of the competent person

Length: 4 Hours

Trenching ,Shoring, Excavation Competent Person

Course Description

This course is designed to provide all employees working in trenching and excavation.

OSHA Requires the employer to have a "competent person" on-site who is trained and knowledgeable in:

Soil AnalysisProtective SystemsRequirements of the OSHA StandardUnderground UtilitiesSoil PilesSafety RequirementsAccess & Egress

This one-day course meets OSHA 1926 Construction Standard for Trenching & Excavation “Competent Person” 

Length: Full Day

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