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Physio Control CR2.jpg

PhysioControl CR2*

The Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 defibrillator uses simple graphics, voice instructions, and automated features to improve rescue and reduce delays. It is the only AED that allows chest compressions during electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythm analysis, reducing pauses between CPR and defibrillation.



PhysioControl CR2 Adult/Child Pads*

The CR2 QUIK-STEP™ Pacing/ECG/Defibrillation Electrodes are engineered for intuitive use with the Physio Control LIFEPAK CR2. These electrodes are safe to use on both pediatric and adult patients, which helps minimize decision making – and saves precious time – when emergency strikes. Electrodes should be replaced after each patient use or after 4 years.

LIFEPAK CR2 Replacement Lithium Batery.jpg

PhysioControl CR2 Battery*

This lithium manganese dioxide (Li/MnO2) battery is intended for the Physio-Control LIFEPAK CR2 AED. At 20C, this battery will provide: (166) 200 joule shocks (with one minute of CPR between shocks) or (103) 360 joules shocks (with one minute of CPR between shocks) or (800) minutes of operating time If you conduct daily tests on a device that is not used, you will need to replace this battery after 4 years.

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